What is the difference between Stick-On and Iron-On?

  • Stick-On is a peal-and-stick reflective product intended for hard surfaces (like backpacks, luggage, bike frames and helmets, etc.) and garments that are not often washed (outer jackets). It is semi-permanent, meaning that you can reposition it and remove it after use, but it can’t be reused. It will most likely make it through a light/cool wash, but it will eventually fall off.
  • Iron-On is a permeant reflective product that intended for garments that are often washed. This is the low-profile reflective most often found on a purchased garment. Once applied with heat it will not come off in the wash and usually will last the life of the garment.
Iron-On Application
Stick-On Application

What should I put Brilliant Reflective on?

  • Everything! To increase your visibility to on-coming motor vehicles during low-light hours, Brilliant Reflective should be on everything you wear or use outdoors. If you have a flashlight, put on things you want to see or find at night. Check out our application guide.

Iron-On Application

Stick-On Application

Brilliant Reflective permanent?

  •  Stick-On is not permanent. It can be repositioned and peeled when not required.
  • Iron-On is permanent and will usually last the life of a garment.

How many colors are available?

  • We have four standard colors – Black, Red, Blue and Purple but we can make it in over 100 colors. Check our website for new colors as we add them.

My cat ate one of the small stick on pieces - what should I do?

  • Oh, my goodness – you must have left it laying around because we know it doesn’t fall off. Our Brilliant® Reflective Strips meet the Restricted Substance List (RSL) of most major sportswear companies and made of glass, aluminum and plastic. He/She should be just fine.

How do I check to make sure my product is still reflective?

  • Over time the glass reflective beads will fall off. To check how yours is doing, told a flash-light up to your eye and if you still see most of the light shining back then it’s still working!

How to apply Brilliant Reflective?

  • Stick-On– This is a peal-and-stick product that can be applied to just about anything. Just peal and stick it. With time the adhesive will become stronger. (Put hyperlink here)
  • Iron-On– You need heat and pressure to apply this product – it is designed to be applied with a home iron. It is a little more complicate and we suggest testing it with a sample piece. Detailed instructions are included with the product. (Put hyperlink here)
Iron-On Application
Stick-On Application

Where can I buy Brilliant Reflective?

  • You can purchase on this site here
  • You can purchase at Amazon
  • In Retail: We are sold at over 1,000 world-wide retail location. To find your closest US retail location, check out locations.

How much does Brilliant Reflective cost?

  • The suggested retail price is $14.95 per pack for both the Stick-On and Iron-On.

How much does one pack cover?

  • To be visible from all sides you need to apply it to all 4 sides (360°). One pack is designed to cover one person such as:
    • One shirt and pair of shorts
    • One jacket
    • One bike
    • Helmet and Scooter
    • One Stroller
    • One bag or backpack.

Here are 5 things about Brilliant Reflective you may not know.

1. Brilliant Reflective can be used not only for your garments and gear but can also be used for marking trails and deer stands.

2. Brilliant Reflective has been scented with vanilla.

3. Brilliant Reflective uses the same grade material and adhesives you would find on a consumer activewear garment being that we supply most of them with reflective.

4. The Stick-On product has a one time use but will stay on whatever hard good you put it on until you want to remove it.

5. You cant eat it. Well you can, but you shouldn’t.