Product Uses:

  • Brilliant® Reflective is used to enhance the visibility of any object – typically a human form – while providing an improve aesthetic over traditional silver reflective.
  • Excellent for applying to fabrics
  • Adheres with a low to medium temperature setting on an iron
  • Excellent performance on a wide variety of fabrics – nylon, cotton, polyester, elastic fabrics, blends
  • Can be used as a design element of a garment
  • For most effective visibility product should be such that it is visible on the wearer from all angles

Product Specs

  • 12 Iron-On Reflective Strip
    • 4 4” x 1” Strips
    • 4 4” x 0.5” Strips
    • 4 2” x 0.75” Strips
  • Heat Application
  • Permanent After Application
  • 30 Square Inches of total Reflective per Pack
  • Up to 500ft Visibility
  • Colorized
  • Machine Washable Brilliant® Retroreflective Performance:
  • Typical Initial Retroreflectivity: >350 cd/lux-m2
  • Minimum Initial Retroreflectivity: >200 cd/lux-m2
  • Post-Laundering Retroreflectivity: >100 cd/lux-m2 minimum after 25 home laundering cycles
  • The coefficient of retroreflection (RA, in cd/lux-m2) of Brilliant™ Colorized Reflective Material is measured based on test procedures ASTM E809-02 and E810-03 for measurement of retroreflective intensity.
  • The RA values generated were measured at +5.0 entrance and 0.2 observation angles (head-on brightness). Retroreflective performance data was generated based on testing new product that has not been laminated.
  • 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material silver products have an initial average RA of 500 cd/lux/m2 and a minimum RA of 330 cd/lux/m2.

Tribondex Adhesive Performance:

  • Adhesive Thickness – 3.5 mils (0.09 mm)
  • Clear Premask Thickness – 2.0 mils (0.05 mm)
  • Adhesive Color – grey
  • Service Temperature Range -40 °F to 150 °F
  • Elastic Recovery: > 95% after 100% elongation
  • Lamination temperature range: 250-275 °F
  • Laundering – Brilliant® Color Reflective can be laundered in all wash cycles, at hot, warm, or cold water temperatures.
  • Do not bleach. Do not use oxygenated bleach products.