Application Guide

Stick On

  1. Lay out your design. Lay the garment on a flat surface and remove all wrinkles
  2. Separate your reflective strips and plan where the strips should be placed
  3. Peel off the backing of each reflective strip
  4. Apply each strip with firm pressure to your garment or equipment
  5. Repeat for all strips in the pack

When applying, you can easily preposition if desired.

Iron On

Test Your Fabric – Brilliant Reflective Iron-on reflective adheres at medium temperatures and is safe for most but NOT ALL fabrics. Testing your fabric is important to determine if the temperature of the iron will damage your garment.

1. Set your iron depending on your model to:

  • Medium setting
  • Two dots on a three dot scale (••)
  • 3 on a 1 to 6/7 scale
  • Use the cooler setting of wool/silk/rayon/blends









2. Once the iron reaches the desired temperature, test the fabric by ironing an inconspicuous area for 1-2 minutes and checking for damage or discoloring.

3. IF YOU SEE ANY DAMAGE OR DISCOLORING DO NOT APPLY Brilliant IRON- ON REFLECTIVE TO THIS GARMENT. Please return for a full refund or exchange for Brilliant Reflective Strips.

4. Separate the reflective parts so you can plan where you’d like the reflective to be placed on your garment following the recommendations in the biomotion placement guide.

5. Lay the garment on the ironing board and remove all wrinkles.

6. Place the reflective (with the colored reflective side up) on the garment in the desired location. NOTE: Place reflective as least 1/2” (1.25cm) away from seams. If you must rest the iron on a seam, place a small flat pad under one layer of fabric (e.g. a folded dish towel) to raise the reflective above the seam. This will allow you to apply pressure directly on the reflective without the thickness of the seam interfering with lamination.

7. To protect the fabric from the direct heat of the iron, place a paper towel over the area that will be ironed.

8. Place the iron on top of paper. Be sure to cover the entire reflective part with iron surface while pressing down with slightly greater than normal pressure.

9. Apply the heat and pressure for approximately 30-40 seconds with slow continuous iron movement over the paper towel. NOTE: If the garment is greater than 50% cotton, iron for 60-70 seconds to achieve a permanent bond.

10. Remove the clear plastic covering on the reflective and repeat steps 6-10 for the rest of the reflective until completed. CAUTION: Do not touch the reflective material at this time, it is VERY HOT and could burn the skin. Allow the material to cool for a few minutes before touching.

NOTE: If you ever find an edge lifting, this can usually be fixed by following these instructions again and re-laminating that spot.

Care Information

  • Wash the garment based on care tag instructions. NOTE: Cold water temperature is always best.
  • Hang dry or machine dry on low to medium heat settings for best results.