How to Look at Reflective

Everyone knows how to look in a mirror, you stand in front of it (probably taking a selfie). While it may seem that looking at reflective material might be just as easy, it’s not. Reflective material does not act the same way as a mirror. No matter what type of reflective material you are looking at.

Brilliant Reflective material is made of millions of tiny glass beads with mirrors on the bottom half. To understand how these glass beads reflect light, you need a light source. It’s impossible to see the strength of reflective material when it is in your hand, so place the garment or whatever you are looking at on the floor, hover your phone directly parallel to the floor over it, and take 2 pictures of it – one without flash and one with. Take a look at the photos to see how the light bounces directly back toward the source. This is how it will appear to a driver. No light is lost or diffused, it all bounces straight back.