How To Photograph Reflective

So, you spot some cool running jersey or dog leash and the tag says there’s reflective on it. Before you shell out your hard-earned bucks, figure out just how good that reflective is by taking its picture.

Your phone works great for this. Prop it up, hang it or ask someone to hold it directly facing you, as a driver would encounter it when you’re outside. Step back about 20 feet. Make sure the camera is directly facing the item, then snap two pictures. The first picture should be without a flash. The second picture, use a flash. The flash will send out light (kinda like headlights) and the reflective material will bounce the light back to you and the camera. In the second image, you can clearly see where there is reflective on the garment or equipment. If you think it looks good, back up about 75’ – that’s how long it takes a 30mph car to stop. Take another flash shot. Can you make out that it’s a human wearing the shirt or walking the dog? If yes, it’s likely high-brightness and it’s probably ours! We sell our colorized reflective material to many major sportswear and outdoor gear manufacturers.